Cosmic Crystal Vortex Energy Spa


$55 1 hr. ($35 Introductory offer)




The human mind is very powerful. Locked within it is the ability to heal one’s self. Many people spend a lifetime trying to figure out how this is possible when their challenging health condition lingers on while other individuals do heal themselves. Is it Karma? Lessons to learn carried over from actions in a past lifetime? I don’t know.


My spiritual path led me to become a Spiritual Astrologer. However, for the past 55 years while, I learned to listen to Spirit, I was instructed to build a copper pyramid and have slept under one for the past 30 years. I attended countless healing workshops, studied Native American and Aborigines healing techniques. I have studied color, chakra, sound, and gemstone healing modalities. Recently, I decided to offer the healing room Spirit led me to build (that took a lifetime to create), to the public. Many of the techniques used reach all the way back to Egypt.


Each person will experience something different based on where they are on their path in this lifetime. One woman said she astral traveled to Hawaii, another woman said she felt tingling in the shoulder bothering her. Then there are those who are shut down, who felt little, but always walked away smiling and feeling refreshed.



Energy Techniques/Modalities Used in the Spa:















A Paiste Gong from Germany bathes the soul with soothing sounds when the amazing energy experience begins.

Reiki is used to add calmness and connect one with the universal life forces energies making themselves available for self healing.


Terrestrial music plays in the background while you lay under a copper pyramid. A Tesla Protector Capsule hangs from the pyramid’s apex allowing positive tachyon vibrations which harmonizes life energy and neutralizes disruptive and dissonant fields.


The crystal vortex consists of 6 quartz crystals weighing between 4 and 10 pounds each surrounding a comfortable cushioned bed. Each crystal sits on a block platform with a 4-inch Selenite disc under it to strengthen its power. The crystals are activated with a crystal Selenite wand.


A 30-pound Himalayan Salt Rock Lamp stays on at all times releasing negative ions that both clean the air and help reduce the amount of electromagnetic radiation in the area around the lamp. Negative ions are what makes one feel refreshed when he or she visits the ocean.


An aroma therapy candle is used to fill the room with fragrance if wanted.


Crystal ball spheres related to each chakra are used along with silk colored clothes from Japan that are energized by the worms that made them.


A Mark 4 Surge Chi Machine adds vibration and inferred heat to your ankles while rocking the body like the swimming motion of a Koi fish. After fifteen minutes your body tingles from the energy awakened in your entire body.


People have benefited from any one of the modalities used in the Cosmic Crystal Vortex Energy Spa. Now these energies for self-healing are all combined contributing to the following experiences people have noticed.


Restful Sleep  - Less Fatigue  - Better Sense of Well Being – Physical Stamina Strengthened – Mentally More Alert – Decreased Depression – Replenishing Energy Break From Life – Enhanced Self-worth – Reduced Varicose Veins – Improved Circulation – Relaxed Tight Muscles – Profound Meditation Experience – Dusts Off Life’s Clutter – Brings Back to Center Path – Fewer Pain Killers Needed – Awakens and Enhances Psychic Ability.



"I've grown up with a mother who did astrology for a living, so it takes a lot to impress me. But when Jan did my chart the first time I knew this was someone who not only knew more about astrology than anyone else, but also brought a high degree of 'guidance' to her art. She was able to not only decypher the mechanics of the chart and it's various aspects, but also interpret and apply the information to my life with unerring accuracy. I've never known anyone to be so thorough and precise. She's definately the best!!!"

Dawn Adams

I went to Janice hoping to gain some insight into myself. Not only did she provide me with valuable insight into my behavior and needs, she amazed me with her accuracy on details about my life and personality that no one without a true gift could know. Any doubts of the spiritual realm that were based on my upbringing in a very scientific/analytic environment were instantly washed away. Janice is the "real deal" with a true gift!! I look forward to future sessions so I can continue to evolve and understand my true self!!

Kathleen W.
Sacramento, CA

"Janice has given me excellent advice over the years on geographical and career moves, financial and legal timing. Her accuracy is impressive and has been truly helpful. Her readings and guidance are very empowering tools to help create a happy and fulfilling life."

Lisa. A.

"Jan's intuitive skills along with her vast knowledge of astrology contribute much insight to the path I'm on. She is very skilled in many areas of holistic healing and shares those insights through her readings. Want a reading that's right on....Jan's the one."

Louise P.
Sacramento, CA

"I met Jan at a Health Fair in Sacramento, in 1996. It was destiny.
Since that time we have met many times for face to face readings and telephone readings. My life would not have been on the track of pure FAITH without her help. My son and I went thru serious deadly waters in the years that came. We survived the worst of days.

Her guidance was life saving to us both. I could never thank her enough for helping our faith grow and walking us to this point of recreating our lives for the better in peace and real love. We love you Jan, forever."

JoAnn S.

"I was introduced to Jan through my wife Tara almost 10 years ago and she has been reading for my wife longer than that! Jan is so amazingly accurate in all aspects of our readings that we now consult her
regularly during the course of the year. It is almost as if Jan sees right into your soul and is fully aware of where you have been and where you are going on life's journey.Her insight has been, and will
contine to be, precious to both Tara and myself."

Matthew and Tara C.
San Jose, CA

"Janice is the most accurate person on the face of the Earth and continues to amaze me on a regular basis.

Linda V.
Lancaster, CA

"Some people are born with a special gift of sight-to see through the eyes of spiritual guides that are, in many ways, a form of timeless wisdom. Jan Stork is one of those special people. Using astrology as a tool, she opens her heart and her special sight to anyone willing to navigate that place of self-knowing, in search of answers, wisdom and ultimately the truths of happiness. She has an uncanny knack to know when I need her, and like a healer, when she gives me the low down on the stars, I feel empowered, clearer and right with the world again."

Robyn B.,

I have had many astrology charts done over the years but was never satisfied with the reading. They were general and never hit the mark. Then came Janice, my miracle worker, into my life. She was accurate, willing to give me straight forward information and provide spiritual enlightenment that has changed my way of thinking and enriched my life.

She also completed charts for my children that were so on target it left me knowing this was the only astrologer I would ever need again. Thank you Janice.

Mary P

"Janice said my son would have stomach problems when she looked at his chart when he was very young. He has had severe stomach problems all his life."

Helen J.
Sacramento, CA

"I was an intern working with Janice. She looked at my astrology chart. She saw me in a very important position within the next two years. I became the Director of a State Agency just like she foretold within that time frame."

Steven D.
Sacramento, CA

"I always had problems with stalkers. It wasn't until Janice explained why during a reading. Suddenly, I fully understand how the Universe works. It changed my thinking and my view on many things. There were no more stalkers after that."

Carole E.
Munhall, PA

"I met Janice on an airplane. We got to talking. She asked me my birth date. She quickly drew up my chart and said she saw a job change. That surprised me since I was traveling with fellow employees to celebrate our success in reaching a certain quota in sales. When I got home I was informed I was fired from my job. She pointed out, I really didn't like that job and that is why it happened. She was right and I got one right after that better suited for me."

Evelyn S.
Detroit, MI

"Janice did several readings for me over the years. The one that stands out is when she said my wife was having an affair. She pinpointed it down to a certain night of the week. I said she was wrong because my wife went to mass on Wednesdays. Later, I found her diary. She was having an affair with the Priest. Janice was right on. The Priest was sent back to Ireland and we got a divorce."

Ray S.
Sacramento, CA