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The Role of Astrology in Medicine

by Janice A. Stork


In Egypt, Tibet, and China physicians were required to study astrology at one time. Even Hippocrates, known as the father of Western medicine, made reference to the importance of a physician having knowledge of astrology.


One of the reasons a physician had to study astrology may have been because a badlyaspected malefic planet in an astrology chart could show a possible energy blockage in the area of the body the sign it was in ruled. For example, if the afflicted planet was in Aries there could be problems with the head, Taurus - throat, Gemini - Lungs, Cancer - stomach or breasts, Leo - heart, Virgo - digestive system, Libra - Liver, Scorpio - reproductive system, Sagittarius - knees, Capricorn - back, Aquarius - blood stream, and Pisces ruled the feet.


A second reason why astrology played an important role in medicine is because the position of a planet can show how balanced a person's elements are. This is based on what signs the planets were located in at the time of birth and the results can have an impact on a persons's health. For example, there are four elements; fire, earth, air, and water. The signs in a chart are ruled by an element. Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are fire signs; Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are earth signs; Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are air signs; and Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are the water signs in the zodiac.


If Mars and the Moon are in Cancer in the natal chart, that would be 2 elements of water. You would look at each planet, add the element of the sign it is in, then you could see which element is predominant and which element may be lacking.

An excess of the element of water could cause the individual to have problems with edema (water retention), excess weight, over sensitivity, and colds. A lack of water could give symptoms of achiness, constipation, cramps, dehydration, and stiffness.
An excess of the earth could give problems with calcification, blockages, teeth, bones, and depression. Lack of earth could cause loss of hair, tooth decay, insecurity, brittle nails and bones. Too much air will lean towards problems with arthritis, coughing, insomnia, and seizures. A lack of air elements can cause introversion, impotency, disorientation, and problems communicating and learning. An excess of fire in a chart can cause cuts, fevers, heartburn, irritability, and rashes or boils. Lack of fire may cause infection, poor appetite, toxicity, and hypothyroidism.


Treatment of the element that is balanced could be done by a method that works with the elements in its method of healing. In India, they work with CHAKRA's when they try to heal someone. Chakra is Sanskirt for wheel or disk and represents one of 7 energy sources in the body. Chakras relate to various stages in our life, the various functions of the body, color, sound, and the elements.

An acupuncturist works with the elements. They use fine needles that are inserted into the body to raise fire or manipulate another element. Sometimes they take incense, and use it to light small mounds of mug wart to balance the elements. This technique is called moxibustion.


In the final analysis it all relates to energy. The planets affect us by their energy. We are energy and our sicknesses are energy blockages. To go one step further in working with the elements, I built a 5 foot copper pyramid, suspended a large crystal from its apex and hung a star of David (representing 3 triangles in the design) from it. Then I suspended a Tiffany lamp from the ceiling directly over it, and used different colored lights which matched the colors of the chakras. Each color carried with it a different vibration. The bottom of the pyramid was surrounded with crystals, a grid of 3 (10 pound) magnetic stones, and I cut 7 clothes matching the colors of the lights and chakras to lay on the floor under the pyramid. If someone I knew wanted to experience what it was like to sit under the high powered pyramid, I first looked at their astrology chart, determined what element was deficient or excessive and I used a cloth and light that would strengthen the imbalanced element. The results were remarkable enough to document.




"I've grown up with a mother who did astrology for a living, so it takes a lot to impress me. But when Jan did my chart the first time I knew this was someone who not only knew more about astrology than anyone else, but also brought a high degree of 'guidance' to her art. She was able to not only decypher the mechanics of the chart and it's various aspects, but also interpret and apply the information to my life with unerring accuracy. I've never known anyone to be so thorough and precise. She's definately the best!!!"

Dawn Adams

I went to Janice hoping to gain some insight into myself. Not only did she provide me with valuable insight into my behavior and needs, she amazed me with her accuracy on details about my life and personality that no one without a true gift could know. Any doubts of the spiritual realm that were based on my upbringing in a very scientific/analytic environment were instantly washed away. Janice is the "real deal" with a true gift!! I look forward to future sessions so I can continue to evolve and understand my true self!!

Kathleen W.
Sacramento, CA

"Janice has given me excellent advice over the years on geographical and career moves, financial and legal timing. Her accuracy is impressive and has been truly helpful. Her readings and guidance are very empowering tools to help create a happy and fulfilling life."

Lisa. A.

"Jan's intuitive skills along with her vast knowledge of astrology contribute much insight to the path I'm on. She is very skilled in many areas of holistic healing and shares those insights through her readings. Want a reading that's right on....Jan's the one."

Louise P.
Sacramento, CA

"I met Jan at a Health Fair in Sacramento, in 1996. It was destiny.
Since that time we have met many times for face to face readings and telephone readings. My life would not have been on the track of pure FAITH without her help. My son and I went thru serious deadly waters in the years that came. We survived the worst of days.

Her guidance was life saving to us both. I could never thank her enough for helping our faith grow and walking us to this point of recreating our lives for the better in peace and real love. We love you Jan, forever."

JoAnn S.

"I was introduced to Jan through my wife Tara almost 10 years ago and she has been reading for my wife longer than that! Jan is so amazingly accurate in all aspects of our readings that we now consult her
regularly during the course of the year. It is almost as if Jan sees right into your soul and is fully aware of where you have been and where you are going on life's journey.Her insight has been, and will
contine to be, precious to both Tara and myself."

Matthew and Tara C.
San Jose, CA

"Janice is the most accurate person on the face of the Earth and continues to amaze me on a regular basis.

Linda V.
Lancaster, CA

"Some people are born with a special gift of sight-to see through the eyes of spiritual guides that are, in many ways, a form of timeless wisdom. Jan Stork is one of those special people. Using astrology as a tool, she opens her heart and her special sight to anyone willing to navigate that place of self-knowing, in search of answers, wisdom and ultimately the truths of happiness. She has an uncanny knack to know when I need her, and like a healer, when she gives me the low down on the stars, I feel empowered, clearer and right with the world again."

Robyn B.,

I have had many astrology charts done over the years but was never satisfied with the reading. They were general and never hit the mark. Then came Janice, my miracle worker, into my life. She was accurate, willing to give me straight forward information and provide spiritual enlightenment that has changed my way of thinking and enriched my life.

She also completed charts for my children that were so on target it left me knowing this was the only astrologer I would ever need again. Thank you Janice.

Mary P

"Janice said my son would have stomach problems when she looked at his chart when he was very young. He has had severe stomach problems all his life."

Helen J.
Sacramento, CA

"I was an intern working with Janice. She looked at my astrology chart. She saw me in a very important position within the next two years. I became the Director of a State Agency just like she foretold within that time frame."

Steven D.
Sacramento, CA

"I always had problems with stalkers. It wasn't until Janice explained why during a reading. Suddenly, I fully understand how the Universe works. It changed my thinking and my view on many things. There were no more stalkers after that."

Carole E.
Munhall, PA

"I met Janice on an airplane. We got to talking. She asked me my birth date. She quickly drew up my chart and said she saw a job change. That surprised me since I was traveling with fellow employees to celebrate our success in reaching a certain quota in sales. When I got home I was informed I was fired from my job. She pointed out, I really didn't like that job and that is why it happened. She was right and I got one right after that better suited for me."

Evelyn S.
Detroit, MI

"Janice did several readings for me over the years. The one that stands out is when she said my wife was having an affair. She pinpointed it down to a certain night of the week. I said she was wrong because my wife went to mass on Wednesdays. Later, I found her diary. She was having an affair with the Priest. Janice was right on. The Priest was sent back to Ireland and we got a divorce."

Ray S.
Sacramento, CA